"Whether You Think You Can Or You Can't.

Either Way You Are Right."

   - H. Ford

LORENNE BLAU started as a way to share and express my interest in travel and fashion. This gave me the chance to explore many countries, taste delicious food and beverages, and wear beautiful clothes and scents. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that came my way. See my creative work here.


This journey led me down the path of self-exploration and helped me discover what I want in life. My growing passion for wellbeing inspired a new direction for Lorenne Blau.


Join me on a wonderful journey and create the life you've always dreamt of!


My interest in spirituality and meditation guided my journey of self-discovery. This path led to my personal development as a life coach and I've drawn upon many sources and practices to create my approach.


Through my unique coaching style, I will guide you in:

  • exploring yourself

  • uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs

  • enabling yourself to move forward

  • consciously creating your destiny and transforming your life



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