Imagine yourself as the artist of your life. 

Are you creating your reality with the best thoughts, actions and people? It’s never too late to start over. 

Yes, new beginnings can be scary, but at the same time they’re a second chance. Another chance at life, to step into your power and consciously create a life you love.

You deserve better and don't have to get there alone. Are you ready?

Imagine ...


elevate: from overwhelmed to empowered

- 2 sessions/week for 3 weeks -

Get exclusive access to highly personalised private coaching sessions that will allow you to move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered.

Expect safe and transformative sessions, in which you are guided and supported to explore your true potential, to uncover and break free from limiting beliefs, to gain a clear picture of who you truly are and how you can consciously transform your reality so that you no longer operate on survival mode and finally start thriving in life.

You already possess the power to transform your reality. I'm here to help you open up to a world of infinite possibilities and tap into your inner power to create long-lasting change in your life and the way you perceive and experience yourself and your reality.  

Get in touch to enquire. Only a very limited number of private sessions are currently offered. 


Please note: 
These sessions are suitable for women who are open to exploring different aspects of themselves, through a variety of tools and techniques, including mindset and energy work. You can experience magic in your life through reprogramming of the mind, aligning your energy and taking inspired action, which will allow you to balance and harmonize your mind, body and soul.


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facilitating personal & spiritual growth for women

♡ empowering & transformative topics including: awakening to your greatness, self-esteem, love over fear, inner child healing, the power of choosing yourself, relationship with your body and so much more

My Passion is to Help Women

Remember and Align with Their True Self,

so that They Consciously Create a Life They Love.


Start Your Day 

With Intent & Self-Love

>> listen every morning for a minimum of 21 days <<




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♡ exclusive, intimate, transformative retreats for women ♡

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Lory is a Life by Design Coach, 

Spiritual Teacher, Free Spirit and Visionary, dedicated to helping people awaken to their inner power, align with their true potential and manifest their most authentic life through a clear vision, unconditional love, joy and inspired action. 

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