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  • now more than ever, and especially with all that's going on in the world, I feel it is important for people to come together, to connect to each other on a much deeper level and allow ourselves to also explore other perspectives and create a new way of living, a new reality in which harmony, love, appreciation, acceptance and unity are becoming the norm

  • I'm inviting you to join me for #SelfLoveGratitudeWeek as I feel it's important to acknowledge that all people, regardless of gender, are worthy of developing a healthy relationship with themselves and experiencing unconditional love and gratitude

What You'll Receive...

  Mini trainings to help you dive deeper within yourself and make the most of this rewarding self-discovery and growth experience throughout the 7 day challenge

☆  Access to the private Facebook group specifically created to host a beautiful community throughout this challenge and beyond

☆  PRIZE: 14 Days FREE Trial of the ELEVATE COLLECTIVE, a membership for your soul, a safe, inspiring and empowering virtual space for you to come together with other beautiful souls, remember your worth, grow from the inside out, love yourself and elevate all aspects of your life!


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Hi, beautiful soul!


I'm Lory, a curious, enthusiastic and passionate Aries, a Life by Design Coach and Motivational Speaker, dedicated to helping you remember and align with your true self, to consciously create a life you love!

I'm here to remind you that the Universe is always on your side, that you are enough, worthy, beautiful, lovable! You are one of a kind and you already possess and are everything that you could ever want!

I'm delighted to be guiding you on this wonderful journey and I look forward to connecting with you during this empowering week of Self-Love and Gratitude.

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