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  • Now more than ever, I feel it is important for people to come together, to connect with each other on a much deeper level and create a new way of living, a new reality in which you recognise your true worth and how deserving you are to consistently experience abundance in your life

  • Join me and other women from around the world for #ManifestingAbundanceWeek, to tune into the frequency of abundance and create miracles in your life

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 Mini trainings to help you connect with abundance on a much deeper level, remember your worth and make the most of this rewarding experience throughout the 7 day Manifesting Abundance challenge

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Hi, beautiful soul!


I'm Lory, a curious, enthusiastic and passionate Aries, a Life by Design Coach and Motivational Speaker, dedicated to helping you remember and align with your true self, to consciously create a life you love!

I'm here to remind you that the Universe is always on your side, that you are enough, worthy, beautiful, lovable! You are one of a kind and you already possess and are everything that you could ever want!

I'm delighted to be guiding you on this wonderful journey and I look forward to connecting with you during this empowering week of Manifesting Abundance.

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