Fashion and Travel

Photography Books

& Inspirational Journals

I created the two books and journals (2 in 1) 

as a tool to enable you to discover yourself,

to unleash your creativity, to reflect, remember, be present, understand yourself, get inspired and record moments that took your breath away, to dream, hope and be.

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what customers say...

"Sleek design, pleasing aesthetic.

It is relatable and makes for a stlyish gift."

- Antoaneta G.

"Such a great book ! I love travelling myself and this book makes me want to do it even more. The pictures are really amazing, a sharp eye to detail with beautiful quotes that go with the mood set in the pictures. The notebook/journal is a great feature, well thought and well made!"

- Beatris

"This is such an amazing book, and one that I will look at time and time again. I love travelling and this book inspires me even more. The photos are truly gorgeous and really make you feel like you are already there, and I love the the inspirational quotes that accompany each photo."

- Julia R.

"This is such a beautiful book, the images of the fashion world are so amazing and gives you a beautiful insight in the fashion world. It is a must."

- Daniela V.

"This is such an amazing piece of art within art! Every picture of the runway models made me feel like I was there! It looks alive and every quote is just perfect in conveying the feeling of the moment. Sometimes after reading or browsing a book you don’t feel like giving it a second chance, this is the kind that gets better after the first look as you will see a different perspective in the amazing detail in the photography! It’s said beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can certainly feel the beauty of the author pop up in every page!"

- Zulma B.