Empowerment | Self-Discovery | Self-Love | Healing | Conscious Living | Freedom


♡ exclusive, intimate, transformative 

the elevate retreats are for you, if you:

are on a journey of self-discovery and self-growth, to become the greatest version of yourself

are eager to explore yourself and open up to your true potential

are interested in movement, meditation, gratitude, self-love, living your life with intent, growth mindset, breaking free from limiting beliefs, being your true self, tuning in to your mind, body and soul and living your most authentic life

 want to learn about and how to balance your divine feminine and masculine energies so that you live your life with grace, ease and creativity, while you successfully integrate focus, structure and inspired action to step up and re-write your life story

are ready to fully connect with yourself on all levels


Are you ready to elevate?

Committing to your personal and spiritual growth has the power to transform your life. Once you open up to the possibility of aligning with your true potential, you'll start creating and living your life from a place of trust and infinite possibilities. Connecting with your inner power will allow you to show up for yourself with a sense of excitement and faith. Life will flow, feeling good and being inspired will become the norm.


The elevate retreats are transformative.

They challenge your beliefs, fears and who you thought you were based on others' opinions and childhood/societal programming. The experience will be soul awakening and will provide you with clarity and a whole new perspective about life, and the power you have in creating your reality every single day. 

I am deeply grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to share my secret tools and techniques with you and create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, laugh and cry without feeling judged or not good enough, grow and connect with other beautiful souls.


You will come together with other amazing humans to discover, reconnect and align with your true essence, empowered state, higher self. You already posses all that you desire.


It's time you awaken to your greatness and step into your true potential! 


  • feeling so empowered that you are showing up as the most authentic version of yourself every day

  • fully trusting your inner wisdom to guide you on your journey, that others' opinions and expectations are no longer influencing your decisions

  • choosing love over fear and creating your life from a place of infinite potential

  • letting go of the past, forgiving yourself and others and moving forward with a sense of peace and inner joy

  • being so in tune with your truth that you gracefully and easily say YES only to what is for your highest good

  • a reality in which you are consciously designing your life experiences and waking up every morning with a smile on your face, a sense of gratitude and fulfillment 


Now imagine what it feels like to be FREE of limitations, and in love with and grateful for all that you were, are and will be.

Picture yourself being empowered and confidently choosing yourself and saying YES to your growth, dreams and desires.

Does that feel good to you? Do you believe you deserve to feel so empowered and free?

That's your natural state! It's your birthright. 

I want you to stop playing small! I want you to discover and step into your greatness.

I want to see you thrive!

You are enough, you matter, you are loved !

Beautiful Soul,

You want to open up to your true potential, feel inspired and create your life from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. You wish you belonged somewhere.

You often find yourself wishing for a miracle. I've been there. I get you. And that's why I do what I do.

It's my mission to help you discover and step into your greatness. 

Say YES to yourself and join me and other beautiful souls on this empowering and transformative journey.

In addition to spending time in a stunning location, you will also experience deep transformation, growth and healing.

You will form soulful connections, while also elevating and transforming your relationship with yourself. Solo and group exercises will allow you to gain new perspectives on your wellbeing, to deeply connect with your higher self, discover your true potential and how powerful you are when it comes to creating your reality. You will start seeing life and yourself with new eyes, you will set intentions and take action from a place of empowerment, infinite abundance and unconditional love. Being yourself,  celebrating all that you are and fully trusting your intuition will become the norm in your life. 

In your free time, you will be able to connect with others attending, journal, read, meditate, relax, explore the area. 

Whatever your intention or desires for the retreat, I want you to know that this is a gift to yourself, and you are deserving of deep transformation and healing, of knowing and owning your inner power, of feeling empowered, inspired, refreshed, rested and rejuvenated.

I'm so excited for you to join!

Your Host...

Hi there! I'm Lory, a curious, enthusiastic and passionate Aries, a Life by Design Coach and Spiritual Teacher, dedicated to helping you remember and align with your true self, to consciously create a life you love!

Through my unique coaching style, I will guide you on your spiritual and personal growth journey, by helping you discover and master yourself, remember and align with your true self, uncover and release limiting beliefs, learn to love yourself and consciously create a life you love!

I'm here to remind you that the Universe is always on your side, that you are enough, worthy, beautiful, lovable! You are one of a kind and you already possess and are everything that you could ever want!

I'm delighted to be guiding you on this wonderful journey and I look forward to meeting you on our exclusive retreats, a safe space to grow, connect with others on a soul level, be and dive deep within yourself, laugh, cry, and everything in-between.

If you'd like to find out more about my story, you can do so here.

Do you have questions about the elevate retreats?

Feel free to email me:

You're Invited!

Imagine what it will feel like to be free, happier, empowered, to truly know yourself, to connect with others on a soul level, to feel revitalised and trust in your intuition and inner power like never before! You deserve this. 
Saying YES to your soul is the first step towards a deeper, more loving and meaningful relationship with yourself.