I believe in the power of meditation and how transformative it can be if practiced consistently.

I created this bundle of Guided Meditations with love and the intent to facilitate you in your growth and on your journey of aligning with your true self and understanding the power within you.


The four Guided Meditations in this bundle are as follows:


  • Step Into Your Personal Power

  • Be Confident & Attract Success

  • Harmonise Your Relationship With Food

  • Embrace An Active Lifestyle


Enjoy and thank you for allowing me to assist you on your journey.


love and light,


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Guided Meditations Bundle

Guided Meditations Bundle

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Some information and technical details:

  • you will receive an email with a zip folder 

  • download the zip folder to your computer and unzip the folder by double clicking on the zip folder

  • once unzipped, you will be able to listen to the individual mp3 files, the four Guided Meditations

  • you will be able to sync the mp3 files to your music player and access them on any device

  • please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions (email

the Guided Meditations Bundle is on SALE for a limited time only