Love at first sight does exist! Lancôme’s L'Absolu Velours lip gloss is my favourite at the moment. With a velvet matte finish and an intense lip colour, this lip gloss is to die for. If that’s not enough for you then add the fact that it’s comfortable to wear, lasts for longer and it’s really hydrating, plus it looks gorgeous. You can choose from a variety of shades, all quite strong colours, but trust me when I say that you feel amazing wearing this lip gloss. When I’ve tried it on I have fallen in love with the plum colour (493 Velours de Violine). I usually don’t go for crazy colours, but I just couldn’t resist it. What else I like about the L'Absolu Velours lip gloss is that you can build up the colour, so you can start with one layer and wear a lighter colour or add up to it and create a bold look.

I must admit I am still thinking about the classic red (172 Velours d’Etincelle) in this lip gloss, which again is wonderful and I might sooner rather than later just buy this shade too. The red lipstick/lip gloss is always a must have and you can never go wrong with it. I know from my experience that whenever you wear red you become more confident, you feel powerful and more attractive. With a smile and the right colour of lipstick you can conquer the world. So take some time and find that charming colour.

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