Hugs and kisses to every single one of you, wonderful people! Hope you’ve all had a nice, relaxing weekend. I’ve been so happy to see some sunshine a couple of days ago and as promised I’ve taken my new baby blue pointed toe heels out for a stroll. I just couldn’t help it! How could I? The chilly weather combined with the warmth of the sun rays created the perfect balance for a really nice day out. Being it Sunday, you can imagine that everybody was out and about enjoying the sun. And with the Chinese New Year being celebrated (Happy New Year to my Chinese friends! xo), the city was vibrating from laughs, songs, people running around… just as it should be on any day… I truly believe we should love life and make the most out of each day on this earth. I guess you can tell I am overexcited… I actually feel I am alive when the sun is shining… it just completely changes my mood, I feel I can conquer the world and I just love it.

I went for shades of blue on the day, as I was inspired by the clear blue sky. And how happy I was to finally be wearing my sunnies again! The perfume bottle shaped purse from Aldo is absolutely fabulous and it just added that chic touch to the outfit. At the moment I think I am addicted to Zara clothing, which just feels to be meeting my every need. And there is no chance that you won’t like their new collection… shades of blue, baby pink, beige, white, black, a variety of prints are all in. Even if this is the case, as you all know by now, it is not the dress but the person who wears it and makes it look stunning… so go ahead, channel your inner goddess and rock any look you put together.

As Valentine ’s Day is approaching, I feel more and more excited. I keep falling in love with everything around me… be it a sunny day, a pair of shoes, the taste of a yummy macaroon, a song, the roses that I have recently received… just every single thing that puts a smile on my face… at the end of the day it is all about the special moments that bring happiness in our lives. So stay positive, smile and of course, love life!