Hello, beautiful people. Hope you’re all well and happy x

So here we are again, on the 14th of February, the day when people all over the world go mad about hearts, love and let’s not forget chocolate x … I’ve recently seen an ad from Schwarzkopf, ‘A declaration of love’, which is absolutely heartwarming and shows how there are so many things out there that make us fall in love with someone. Not only on Valentine’s Day, but everyday a bit more.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about receiving presents (oh well, maybe a little bit…) but in any case those gifts are offered from the heart to the ones we truly love. This day is full of romance and at least once a year we are all on the same page (even those of you who celebrate this day on your own, you still love something or somebody, right? And I’m pretty sure you’ll be celebrating in a way or another… attending anti-Valentine’s Day parties, treating yourself, going out with your friends or even pampering yourself at home). I am head over heels for this powerful feeling that warms up every inch of our bodies. Love is indispensable, it is kind and colorful. However, love is not present only on Valentine’s. We need to remember that we experience love each and every single day of our lives and each one of us perceives love differently.

Now a bit about my outfit. As it is Valentine’s Day, I thought of having some red on, so I decided to combine navy and red. My heart shaped bag was a must for this look and I definitely enjoyed the cozy but chic feel of the outfit. Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of happiness and love!