I suppose the candy colours are the reason for getting a little overexcited. I absolutely love this outfit, girly but irresistible x add the macaroons and everything seems to be part of a fairytale. Pastels took over the shops and it just seems to be a wonderland everywhere you look. I cannot wait for summer. Just think of seeing amazing colours all around us, together with the sun… I have a huge smile on my face only at the thought of those colourful and happy days x

My advice for this coming week: Be Fabulous! Trust me, you can and you already are… you might know that… if not, you just found out… you are the only person able to make every day a special one… and it all starts with your thoughts… think positive & believe! XO

PS: ‘Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.’ (Sophia Loren)