Hello, sweethearts x Another week has passed by and I couldn’t be happier about all the great things that I have experienced. I had such a lovely time shooting outfits surrounded by blooming trees and flowers and spent a lovely weekend strolling through the city and visiting Borough Market in London, but more about these experiences in future posts. I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you x Right now I’m all cuddled up in bed, typing this article, listening to music, having strawberry tea and dreaming of Paris, as I am a day away from the City of Love. I guess you can imagine how excited I am (I have a huge grin on my face).

With this amazing weather I couldn’t help but wear pastels, again! On the day I went for all H&M, bright colours, new sunnies (I love them so much that I’ve got them in black too… oops), and these long-forgotten lovely heels, which are really light and comfy to walk in, believe it or not! This weekend has been such a relaxing one. I am so happy that I and my love got the chance to put aside everything that usually keeps us busy and finally spent quality time together. I cannot believe how busy the streets were. People everywhere, taking their time and not rushing as they usually do during the week, enjoying the sun, laughing, kissing, taking pictures, having food, shopping, watching street performers or just lying on the grass having some peaceful moments. You got to try this: just take a bit of time and watch people… you will be surprised how many things you will discover… life is so mesmerising and worth living to the max. There is no way you can go back in time and change something, but there is definitely today, this moment right now that you can make memorable.

I’ll be going to sleep now, as I have a busy week ahead of me. Monday, I’m ready for you! I will be starting the day with green tea, a great workout and healthy breakfast for a guaranteed perfect day. The overexcitement about my birthday on Tuesday and the trip to Paris will definitely be the cherry on the cake.

PS: Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and for following my blog, it means the world to me. Have a fabulous week, life lovers!