Hi, loves… Apologies for the radio silence lately, but as you might know I’ve been fighting a horrible cold and also been super busy with work and university. Hope you’re all well and happy. As promised, here is the last article from Paris, which will introduce you to some of my favouritespots worth visiting in the city of love x I’m so happy to share with you these photos shot by the Eiffel Tower as they perfectly capture the beauty of spring in Paris...

To start with, if you go to Paris it is absolutely impossible that you will not stop by the Eiffel Tower. And not just that, but you must go to the top... you can get there either by taking the lift or the stairs. From my experience, during the day the queue for the lifts is way longer than the one for the stairs so you might just be better off by choosing the latter, even though I have to warn you it is a long way to the top... if you think about it you also get to do some sport so why not? The view is breathtaking and I must admit I prefer the view of Paris at night. The serenity, lights and the sound of wind create such a memorable experience... that’s how I’ve fallen in love with Paris. It felt that time has stopped for a second and everything was perfect. Oh, I miss this city so badly already!

Louvre Museum is definitely a must see in Paris... famous art objects, sculptures, paintings, archaeological finds and drawings can all be found under one roof. With all those wonders, the amazing architecture and the glass pyramid, Louvre Museum will make your visit to Paris an unforgettable and inspiring one. Another great spot worth stopping by is Musée d'Orsay. Former railway station, Musée d'Orsay hosts an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and art objects and it surely is one of the most thrilling museum experiences in the world. If you get the chance to visit this spot, make sure to find the model of Paris under a glass floor as it is such a great thing to see.

The Notre Dame Cathedral has it all: a great setting alongside the Seine river, awesome scale, extraordinary detailing and stained glass, a fascinating crypt and a great view if you manage to climb up the stairs (you’ll have to put up with around 400 steps). It can get extremely busy at times, so I suggest you visit this beauty early in the morning and then grab lunch and head over to the wonderful Luxembourg Gardens for a relaxing picnic. It will definitely be a unique and beautiful experience.

The list of places to visit in the gorgeous city of love can go on for long, but I just wanted to highlight some of my favourite spots and give you an idea of all the wonders you can find in Paris. For shopping spots in Paris have a look at my previous article (here). What do you prefer to do when you go on a holiday... visit famous places, go shopping, enjoy local food, just go for a stroll and take in all the beautiful things you find on the way or a combination of all? I would love to hear your choices, so feel free to comment below x Have a wonderful weekend, life lovers!