Sweethearts x I’ve missed posting on here, but I’ve absolutely had no free time so I really hope you’ll enjoy this outfit. On short, there has been a hectic weather in London and I’ve had a super busy week… as things seem to keep going this way… all I can do is enjoy the adrenaline and try to stay positive. I’ve shot this look over the weekend, as I couldn’t wait any longer to wear this amazing Calvin Klein skirt x The wind was blowing and the combination of pleats and colour of the skirt made me think of Marilyn Monroe… Also, I’ve got the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous outfit with my new Canon camera, which I’m totally in love with x So stay tuned, amazing photos to come from now on.

Light colours are my faves for summer and I cannot wait to be tanned so that I get that great contrast. Let’s not forget the black which is always welcomed. I really think that combined with white it will always bring a touch of elegance. Talking about black, I’ve recently got this Steve Madden bag which I’ve become addicted to. It has the perfect size, not big, but not too small either and it is simply so chic.

Julian and I wrapped up the shoot in Starbucks, warming up and having a Vanilla Latte, funny enough as I felt this outfit had a sweet vibe attached to it since I pulled it together. By the way, I hope you’ve all been doing well… taking care of your body, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Lately I’ve skipped some of these (including now, as I should sleep at this time) and I realised how important it is to have a balanced lifestyle and look after ourselves. Wishing you a great week, full of accomplishments!