There’s nothing I love more than the combination of pleats and dresses/skirts. To me that is feminine, playful and timeless. Wear it in a hypnotising blue and that’s your source of energy for the day. A pop of pink always makes me smile and a pair of heels just brings everything together. Shooting this Red Valentino dress made my heart skip a beat as the print was dreamlike and reminiscent of warm summer days.

You guys have to check their blog, it is absolutely inspiring and will make you feel like in a fairytale. And make sure you have a look at their spring collection, believe me when I say it will be love at first sight. The patterns, colours and cuts of their creations are so, so beautiful. I love how there’s a story behind the collection, as I feel this adds uniqueness to the clothes and inspires people.

All the way through this spring’s collections we’ve been witnessing a play of patterns which is definitely going to delight us even more this summer. So what I suggest is be creative, play with colours and cuts, make outfits represent your personality and of course enjoy while doing all of these, fashion is all about telling a story to the outside world and being so good at it that others feel motivated to do their best too.

Have a fabulous week, beautiful people!