Blooming trees are long gone, but this definitely doesn’t stop me from showing you some amazing photos shot at the beginning of spring with Eva Grin (see more of her work here). If you remember, I’ve shared with you some of our collaboration in the ‘Dreaming in Colour’ article and I am really, really happy to have had the chance of working with such a talented photographer.

We shot the outfit in Regent’s Park which is an absolutely breathtaking location, especially in spring. It was early morning when we got there and very few people were passing by so the place was really quiet. I can’t say in words how relaxing it was to just hear the bird sounds and how much I enjoyed every second spent there. Nature continues to surprise me over and over again. I’m always enchanted by all the beauty this world has to offer and it’s crazy how little things can make me so happy and excited about life.

Now, speaking of the world, I just wanted to tell you guys that this weekend I’ll be flying to Barcelona together with some of my friends, so stay tuned. We’ve planned it as a girls’ holiday, where we have fun, relax, pamper ourselves, discover all the wonderful things this city has to offer and of course get a bit of tan x And let’s not forget the part where we take loads of pictures. Wishing you all a fantastic end of the week and remember to dream, love and live!