Let the weekend begin! I am so grateful that I will have a couple of days to relax and work on the next articles for the blog as I have so many things to share with you, loves. Meanwhile, I am super excited to show you all some beautiful photos and a video featuring a piece of jewellery I’ve totally fallen in love with.

As you all might already know, Paris is one of my favourite cities as it is such a wonderful and inspirational place. Oh well, not long ago I was head over heels when I found in post a piece of jewellery sent by the lovely team at Lili Shopping Paris (visit their shop, you will definitely fall in love with all those beautiful creations). The gold plated bracelet you can see in the pictures is a Sophie Dechamps Bijoux design which I’ve absolutely fallen for.

Even though sometimes I would go for a statement necklace, I will always be a huge fan of small, unique jewellery. And this bracelet has it all... it’s simple, elegant and believe me, it goes with pretty much any outfit which is why I can’t stop wearing it. I would say it’s like a talisman, a precious piece of jewellery which sparkles in the sun and puts a smile on my face.

PS: Thanks so much to Julian Blau for the super cute painting of the bracelet. I get amazed everyday by how talented he is xxx