Hello, sweethearts. I hope everyone had a great start to the week and that you’re going to do more of what makes you happy. A while ago I enjoyed a sunny day out and about. I guess you can tell by the outfit I’ve chosen that all I wanted was to relax. A stylish and super comfy Calvin Klein Jeans dress was the perfect choice for a casual afternoon.

I’ve been really busy recently, but bear with me as I have so many things to share with you, guys. All about my stay in Barcelona will soon be up on the blog and I can’t wait to tell you all about another collaboration, which I’m super excited about. Also, next week I’ll be attending a Grabble event, which of course you’ll find out all about on the night on social media channels and on here with all the details and photos. I’m really happy about it as their team is amazingly nice and I just can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to this time.

PS: I have a huge grin on my face and my heart skipped a beat, as I’ve just found out LORENNE BLAU has been shortlisted for Best New Fashion Blog by Cosmopolitan Magazine in collaboration with Next #CosmoBlogAwards

It is crazy how fast things are moving and it is so rewarding to see LORENNE BLAU growing and my work being recognised. Thank you so much to all of you for making this possible. Now, there is one more step in this competition: voting. I would be extremely grateful and really, really appreciate if you could click here and vote LORENNE BLAU for Best New Fashion Blog (4th category/page… you’ll have to get through to the last page to submit your vote). Many thanks again and let’s make this happen xoxo