Bonsoir, sweethearts! Let me introduce you to some magical pieces of jewellery which I’ve totally fallen in love with. These handmade beauties come from the Australian brand Hidden Luxe (also find them on Instagram & Facebook), which creates simple yet beautiful jewellery for the elegant women of the 21st century. I will share with you another favourite ring of mine in a post that will come soon, but for now let me tell you more about these two wonderful pieces.

What I find unique about the 14karat rose gold plated ring and bracelet are the rough pink stones, which are definitely speaking for the creations. These two pieces are hard to resist because as soon as you see and try them on I can guarantee it will be love at first sight. Even if you wear a plain white T-shirt with these beauties you will stand out through simplicity, which at the end of the day is the ultimate form of sophistication and elegance.

When I thought of a place to take these pictures, nature was the first thing to come to mind. The ring and bracelet look as if they were taken from a fairytale, so it seemed natural to go for a white simple dress and find a vivid spot to bring everything together. I really felt as a fairy for a second, and absolutely been enchanted by the ‘Hidden Luxe’ of these pieces of jewellery.

TUBE CORAL BANGLE (available here)

TUBE CORAL RING (available here)