A sunny day, time spent with my loved ones, yummy frozen yoghurt, my new favourite Hidden Luxe ring & a rose… all these made my day perfect. I got to relax, smile and feel special wearing this amazing white Rhodium plated handmade ring with rough white Topaz and Turquoise stones (the size is adjustable).

The deep dark lustre combined with the high reflection produces a truly unique finish that differentiates this high end product from what can be easily mistaken as stainless steel or silver. This beauty has definitely stolen my heart, as I make sure not to leave the house without it on most of the days. The white Topaz and Turquoise stones inspire elegance, simplicity, purity and confidence, while the unique design of the ring brings everything together into an irresistible piece of jewellery.

In case you’ve missed the previous post featuring two more gorgeous Hidden Luxe (Instagram & Facebook) creations, then you can find it here. xoxo

PS: Visit Hidden Luxe, find your favourite jewellery, fall in love and enjoy 20% off with the code ‘luckyday’. Remember to smile, beautiful!


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