Hey, guys! Hope you all had a great weekend and that you’re ready to rock this week. I couldn’t wait to share with you this lovely Hey Dolly blue bag (another one, I know) paired up with my Guess sunnies and an all white look, which is perfect for hot summer days. We shot these pictures after a stroll through Green Park.

At first I was a bit skeptical about wearing the bag during the day due to the gold chain, but then I thought why not? It made my outfit stand out, plus it is really practical. I was surprised of how light and spacious this bag is and it’s actually really nice that it can also be worn together with an evening outfit. You guys can discover more of Hey Dolly’s colourful products on their website, Twitter or Facebook. So go ahead, find your favourite (be it a dress, bag or accessory), play with colours and create a stunning outfit. It’s all about daring to say ‘I will try this’ even though it’s not what you would usually go for. You might have a surprise and discover it actually looks gorgeous on you.

PS: I will be going to a Pakistani wedding tonight, as one of my friends is getting married and I am super excited that I will be wearing a traditional dress. So keep an eye on my social media channels as I’ll be posting a photo of the outfit.