Hi, sweeties! I hope everyone had a productive week. Mine was hectic, but so exciting. One of my friends got married so I had the chance to attend a traditional Pakistani wedding which was absolutely incredible. There will definitely be an article on it as soon as I get the photos, so stay tuned. Now, back to what this post will be about. I realised that one of the most amazing things about blogging is discovering new brands, which create wonderful products and at the same time are doing this with a purpose, which is to support different causes. And that's exactly why I've fallen for Lupo & Wolf.

What's unique about this fashion brand is the creative director's love for animals which led to the company being founded in 2014 and a third of profits being given to animals' conservation. Lupo & Wolf strives to create unique and timeless jewellery inspired by the fusion of nature, wildlife and beauty and offers two different sides of the brand: wild/dangerous and gentle/elegant. Exciting news... Lupo & Wolf is a direct selling company, so you can join them as a representative and host home parties to sell the jewellery.

The bracelet you can see in the photos has detachable pearl and charm so that you can tailor it to fit your outfit. I love keeping both of them on as it looks wonderful. Sometimes this is the only piece of jewellery I wear and I feel great. It’s simple, yet elegant and of course, with a heart melting story behind it. Apart from feeling wonderful while wearing an amazing Lupo & Wolf piece of jewellery, with every purchase you will also support animal conservation projects. I really think that little by little we can make a difference to the world surrounding us. Stay beautiful and wild at heart until next time!