Well, well… here we are again, getting closer and closer to one of the craziest times of the year when it comes to fashion. As you all might already know, Fashion Weeks are about to start in all the fashion capitals so what better time to sparkle and show off your style?

I’ll be attending fashion shows here in London so I’ll keep you all up to date through my social media channels. I am super, super excited about the invites I received and I just can’t wait to be viewing all the wonderful collections designers put so much work into and of course fall in love with colours, clothing, accessories and the busy yet fashionable atmosphere during this time of the year.

As LORENNE BLAU is growing faster than I ever expected (I am extremely grateful to you all for being here and making it happen) and London Fashion Week will be extremely hectic, Julian and I will be going away for a short while as God, we do need to relax a bit! (believe me, our brains need a break from so many ideas and thoughts). So I will make sure to share with you lovely moments from Spain, but I will also try and stay away from my phone as much as I can. Wish me luck in getting a bit tanned as my plan is to show off some sunkissed skin during London Fashion Week.

Summer may be officially over but that doesn’t stop me from sharing with you a super stylish dress that pretty much summarises what this month is all about. Streets are always full of fashion, but even more during Fashion Weeks or at least it seems so as all the fashion lovers are brought together in one place. So to make sure you rock every outfit I suggest you inhale fashion and exhale style! xoxo


ACCESSORIZE Purse (similar here)

ZARA Dress (similar here)

TOMS (similar here)