Black & White have always been such a perfect match… whenever I go for this combination it’s because of the simplicity and elegance monochrome inspires. So when I’ve been invited to Flossy’s monochrome event I couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the launch of the latest additions to their range, Flossy made sure that everything matched their monochrome theme, even the location for the event!

The Milestone Hotel in Kensington is heaven on earth and from what I’ve seen I would say there's nowhere else in London quite like this place. The room booked at the Milestone was all in black and white, very bright and airy which created the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon full of treats: a brand new pair of Flossy plimsolls from their monochrome range, nail art by The Illustrated Nail, champagne and canapés.

As soon as I slipped my new Flossys on I knew they will soon become addictive. The strawberry scent, velvet feel and comfort of the shoes made me fall in love with my black and white Flossy plimsolls on the spot. These are definitely the most, most, most comfortable flats I’ve ever had. The other #FlossyBlogger girls loved them too and we all agreed that these shoes became essentials for #LFW. Thanks so much to the lovely team at Flossy for such a fabulous and memorable event.

FLOSSY Plimsolls (available here)

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