As promised here I am sharing with you all about the second event I’ve attended on the night of 20th Oct in London. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Champagne Jacquart hosted the party at Sushi Samba, a luxurious restaurant located on the38th and 39th floors of the Heron Tower. I must admit they couldn’t choose better especially that the view of the City of London at night was breathtaking.

There was such a lively atmosphere at the event as Le Bon Tong (Amber Le Bon & Becky Tong) DJ’d throughout the evening and guests have been indulged with the limited edition Champagne JacquartRoséMagnum and Sushi Samba’s fusion delights such as crispy wagyu taquitos, yellowtail tiradito and black cod gyoza. The space was quickly filled with British talent from musicians and artists to fashion designers and models (Rafferty Law, Sasha Bailey, Poppy Jamie, Nik Thakkar, Max Cocking, Billie JD Porter, Camilla Rutherford and Henry Conway to name but a few).

For their 50th Anniversary, Champagne Jacquart revealed their new Mosaïc Collection (Brut Mosaïc, Extra-Brut Mosaïc and Rosé Mosaïc) which reflects Champagne Jacquart’s key house principles: audacity, elegance and passion. It’s so exciting that each cuvee is represented by a different colour: Taupe for Brut Mosaïc, Silver for Extra-Brut Mosaïc and Pink for Rosé Mosaïc.

Champagne Jacquart (available here)

PS: There were celebrities attending both events on the night and you could tell just because the women kept on the lovely custom made floral headbands and men the buttonholes they received at the party attended before. My overall impression of the night and the two events I shared with you is a really positive one because I met some lovely people, been part of two beautiful luxurious events and it kind of made me think that a champagne brand and a lingerie one could’ve been the perfect match for an even more fabulous event. Stay creative until next time!

Amber le Bon & Becky Tong
Marissa Hermer
Amy Molyneaux & Percy Parker]
Henry Conway, Morwenna Lytton Cobbald, Alistair Guy
Pips Taylor & Poppy Jamie
Camilla Rutherford