Not long ago Tia Maria hosted The Dark Room event in London, where guests have been treated to a variety of cocktails (Tia Espresso was my fave), live music, nails (there were designs created especially for the event, based around the cocktails and Tia Maria brand) and hair by Toni&Guy (absolutely fallen in love with my wrap around French braid). As you will see in the photos, on the night there was such a lively atmosphere which Toni and I made the most of (dancing, having cocktails & getting pampered made the event become a memorable one).

This month the brand is launching a campaign with the main claim being #InTiaWeTrust, so I guess doing the blog post on the event now it’s kind of lucky. Also, Tia Maria has tips for a night out, which I find really interesting.

Tip N°1: Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do tonight!

Tip N°2: Always be your selfie!

Tip N°3: It’s better to break a heart than a heel

Tip N°4: Silence speaks louder than words

Tip N°5: Always put your best foot forward

As some of you may have already seen on my Instagram account, I’ve already posted a photo representing tip N°3, so keep an eye on the account to find out which tips I’ll choose next. I hope you all had an amazing weekend, both relaxing and fun and you’re now ready for a fabulous week! xoxo

TIA MARIA – The Mix (available here)