THIERRY MUGLER #AngelAddiction

Hi, loves! I’m so happy to be sharing with you a really exciting project that has become really close to my heart. Thierry Mugler’s latest Angel perfume campaign features beautiful Georgia May Jagger who unleashes her metamorphosis which you can discover on Angel, The Movie (Beware Of Angels) to see her ultra femme-fatale universe. Now, that’s where I luckily come in: as I’ve been part of the #AngelTribes campaign (read the post here), I couldn’t be happier to be involved again, this time in the last phase of the project, #AngelAddiction. While illustrating my past/childhood, present/adulthood and future/what is likely to enchant me, I’ll take you to my world of addictions, so I hope I’ll put a smile on your face and make you want to share your #AngelAddictions on social media or by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!


© Beatris 2014

As any little girl, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a princess as I thought it represents an elegant, confident woman. Also, different scents and perfume bottles made me so happy that I started collecting interesting shaped bottles which I still have back home in my memories box. Even now I still believe that a smell can bring back memories. Another past #AngelAddiction was winter, such a mysterious and breathtaking season. The sparkle of snowflakes always makes me think of diamonds and their glamourous sparkle.


© Beatris 2014

The present to me means learning as much as I can, discover new passions, travel around the world, meet new people and inspire others. Also, as any other fashionista out there, I must admit clothing, shoes, bags and make-up are part of my everyday life and because of the blog this #AngelAddiction took a different dimension. It can be overwhelming sometimes but I’ve realised that if I do a bit of research or think twice before I purchase an item then I tend to make better decisions and so I end up spending money smartly and mostly invest in timeless and versatile pieces. Travelling I suppose is one of the biggest #AngelAddictions I have and it’s not only because I get out of my comfort zone and it’s challenging, but also due to the fact that I get inspired by other cultures, the way people dress and behave, the architecture of the buildings, the weather, all these elements can create such a memorable experience. As much as I love discovering new places, I also have a city really close to my heart and that is Paris. I can’t explain the feeling I get when I am there but to put it simply… it makes me the happiest person in the world. Plus in Paris you can find some of the most delicious macarons … now you tell me how can I not be addicted to this place?


© Beatris 2014

Moving on now, what is likely to enchant me in the future would be writing a book as I already have a slight idea of what it would be about, designing my own clothing line (it sounds crazy, I know... but I am of opinion that anything is possible as long as we start somewhere and not just dream) and for those of you that didn’t figure it out already… oh well, I am in love with taking photos, so I would absolutely love to take photography classes in the future. Big dreams, I know… however they link in with my present #AngelAddictions so at least that’s a start.

PS: I hope you enjoyed finding out about my #AngelAddictions & please join the campaign on social media as I think it would be amazing to see what people’s addictions were/are/will be. Also, have a look at the photos and video that are part of the campaign for Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfume, you’ll definitely fall in love xoxo