Hey guys! This is a throwback to one of the breathtaking shows I’ve attended during #LFW back in September. I was looking through photos and I’ve realised I didn’t actually manage to share with you these wonderful images I’ve taken at Little Shilpa’s show.

Unlike a usual catwalk show, Little Shilpa’s was super interactive. Models would stop and adjust their pieces of clothing, pose for the photographers and what I found most amazing was that you could position yourself wherever you wanted to get the best shots of the creations and models. It was great to be able to be so close to the models and interact with them as you could have a better look at the designs, colours, materials etc and I must say I actually felt part of the show. Now, let me tell you a bit about Little Shilpa so that you can create a connection between the clothes you can see in the images and what the brand is all about.

The LittleShilpa brand is an exotic blend of East meets West and offers handcrafted, wearable headpieces, accessories and jewellery drawing inspiration from travels, interaction with various cultures, local influences and observations. Each collection takes a vintage thought and transcends it into a modern product through the usage of varied raw materials. Little Shilpa has definitely won the hearts of people all around the world including celebrities such as Lady Gaga who has worn Little Shilpa creations since 2009. I am really happy to have been at their show in September as it’s been a really wonderful experience. Hope you enjoy the photos and creations of Little Shilpa!

PS: Hope you’ll all have a creative and relaxing weekend! I’m off now… need a bit of pampering to be ready for a whole day of shooting tomorrow… xoxo, lovelies!