March 31, 2015


Welcome back! I’m incredibly happy that we’ve finally managed to launch the new LORENNE BLAU and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Life sometimes catches up on us so apologies for the long absence; I’m still extremely busy at the moment with studies (end of May please hurry up!), work and other personal projects… I’ve missed writing on here so, so much and now that I’m back on track stay tuned, many lovely posts are on line to be published… Now, let us celebrate the new website and what better time  and way to do that other than my birthday and by sharing with you a piece of jewellery really dear to me.


MONICA VINADER’s Fiji Diamond Toggle Bracelet has become my lucky charm not only because I feel amazing to have such a precious jewellery on but also due to the personal touch as LORENNE BLAU has been engraved on it. And when you think this couldn’t get any more personal, oh well aries’ lucky stone is diamonds which perfectly matches the fine diamonds covering the toggle. This beauty makes me dream, puts a smile on my face, inspires me, makes me feel powerful and elegant. 


The Fiji collection comes in a variety of coloured cords and chains so… ladies, go ahead and find your talisman… gentlemen, make your other half feel special x


MONICA VINADER Fiji Collection (available here)









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November 18, 2018

November 11, 2018

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