I am extremely happy to have discovered the products of L'Artisan Parfumeur, one of the most unique fragrance houses in the world. Their perfumes are intriguing as each creation explores a wide range of olfactory notes which delights perfume lovers. When it comes to fragrances, I believe that there is always that one perfume which complements all your qualities and makes you feel stylish and original. L’Artisan Perfumer ’s creations are indeed the sort of must have products. Séville à l’aube is a mysterious orange blossom fragrance. An exciting little journey as its varied contrasts come to life while you’re wearing it. To me the perfume is special and would wear when I feel confident, joyful or looking for a new sensation. It’s worth experiencing such scents and there may be just one that’s right for you or why not the beginning of a lifelong love affair with many.

PS: Head to as they host a flash sale of a selection of the fragrance house’s best-selling perfumes, stunning candles and some beautiful gift sets which are great to stock up on for future occasions! Hurry, the sale is live until the 7th July and some of these beauties have already sold out.

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