Outfits we wear showcase our personality, our fears and passions… Now the question is whether we make the effort to dress up even if we don’t feel like it or just go with the flow and not really care. We’re no strangers to the fact that the clothes and colours we wear can change our mood and boost our confidence.

A wonderful dress we wore on one occasion, however it took a lot of effort to pull it off? We all know it’s not likely to happen again. Even so, we just can’t get rid of it… it’s one of those clothes you love starring at and feel proud you owe but not in a million years would wear again! And then you have your favourite pair of jeans that you can’t fit in anymore but hope that one day you’ll be able to? Let’s not forget about that little black dress you wore on a date that went disastrous… you would love to wear it again, but just can’t stand the thought of that night. Research shows that women attach emotions to outfits they wore and I’m one that can definitely identify with it.

We all have times when if we get up and don’t feel great we would put on something that would brighten us up. What’s interesting is that even though we sometimes use garments to boost our sense of wellbeing, we also blame these when something goes wrong. We can to some extent say that clothes work like photographs. They bring back memories, be them lovely or ugly.

Now that we’re aware of all these things, I say let’s make an effort and make our wardrobe our best friend. You must have at least one favourite item that you just can’t stop wearing. Why are you so addicted to it? Think about why it boosts your confidence or simply makes you happy and try to buy clothes that match those criteria. Autumn is fast approaching so I guess it’s a great time to go through your wardrobe and be rational about the things that you are happy wearing and those that you only keep for the sake of having more clothes in your wardrobe. Get rid of the unnecessary, but don't feel bad about keeping any old clothes if they make you happy.

#LoveYourself … Be smart about your choices, as what we wear affects our self-esteem!


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