Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well… apologies for the quite long radio silence; lots of changes taking place in my life, both on a personal and professional level… so I thought what a better time to talk about transitions than now. It seemed just perfect to introduce to you guys the idea of ‘adaptive lenses’ through a transition from smart to casual clothing.

Not long ago I’ve discovered I needed glasses… and I thought, yeah right! I struggled with the idea, however I decided it’s time to take action as pretty much everything further than 3 meters away I was seeing blurred… I thought if I’ll need to wear something on my face the whole day, every day then it better looked nice; and as we can all be impulsive shoppers at times… I went for expensive designer frames and in a purplish colour!! They indeed look chic, but it’s kind of a no-no for an essential. Plus, I often had to swop between my sunnies and prescription glasses which made me stop wearing my glasses.

One evening I popped into Eyeworks London on Gloucester Road and I was happy to discover this hidden gem in London. I was impressed by the selection of frames available and the lovely staff there. As you can probably imagine I took my time and tried on a number of pairs of glasses as I was searching for the perfect frames which I had to love so much that it would not be a burden having them on. I knew I was looking for black frames and a cat eye shape so at least that kind of made it a bit easier…

Cutler and Gross’ frames enchanted me the second I saw them. They’re handmade in Italy, so I really appreciated the quality of the products, as well as the classic and discreet style of the designs. I knew I’ll wear the frames confidently and they would become one of my favourite accessories. So now that one box was ticked, I had to do something about the frequent changes of glasses, from sunnies to the prescription ones.

And what a better way than by having transition lenses fitted on my glasses. I haven’t thought about it previously as I wasn’t aware of the difficulties prescription glasses can bring along. At Eyeworks I discovered Transitions Optical’s latest Transitions Signature Graphite Green lenses. I was pleased to find out that these lenses were created in order to provide us with an enhanced contrast and colours. I’m still amazed by how the lenses adjust their colour depending on whether I’m indoors or outdoors. If you’re in need of prescription glasses, I highly recommend you give a try to adaptive lenses as these become more and more the alternative to clear lenses. They save me time switching between pairs of glasses, as well as adjusting their colour to the amount of light I’m exposed to so that my eyes don’t get tired.

Hope you enjoy the photos… and the idea of transitioning between smart and casual while the lenses adapt to the amount of light they’re exposed to… Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any tips for those of us that wear prescription glasses! Have a fab end of the week, everyone xx

PS: Thanks so much to Eyeworks London for bearing with me while searching for the perfect pair of frames, Transitions Optical for the hard work and ingenious adaptive lenses and Cutler and Gross for the wonderful designs ☺