It was last year when I’ve fallen for DISARONNO… how could I not when the collaboration with Versace got everyone talking about it and the cocktails were mouth watering. DISARONNO Sour is still a favourite of mine.

So here we go again… new year, new ideas, new taste… I am super excited to be sharing with you the photos I’ve taken at the private tasting event for DISARONNO Riserva, the new limited edition liqueur. The event corresponded with the official launch on the UK market of Disaronno Riserva so this was for sure an evening not to be missed. Augusto Reina, the CEO of Illva Saronno was present on the night and believe me that it was inspiring finding out about the story behind the new liqueur and seeing the passion that has driven this successful project.

The limited edition liqueur is a unique blend of Scottish whisky and DISARONNO, aged in Marsala barrels from the Cantine Florio in Marsala, Sicily. It comes packaged in a beautiful sleek black wooden case and only 10,000 bottles will be produced worldwide. A little pricey (RRP £250) compared to the DISARONNO we know, however I definitely recommend getting your hands on a bottle or even giving a try to a glass of Riserva. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by an initial sweet touch of spice softened by light hints of vanilla-almond with sweet fruity overtones and a finish that is peppery, recalling dried fruit with a touch of intriguing Madeira.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend, guys!

Indulge yourselves… responsibly!

PS: DISARONNO Riserva is available from a selection of handpicked luxury retailers across the globe

© Photography by Anna Lorena