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36h in Copenhagen… Bicycles & Colours Everywhere…

A tranquil and beautiful city, home to illustrious gardens to alternative lifestyles, fancy restaurants to hotdog stands (even veggie ones yum yum). Copenhagen has it all to offer. I was amazed by how many bicycles there were, by the colours, bright yellows, pinks and blues and the beautiful architecture.

The city has gentle buzz, the pace is not too fast or to slow, people go about their business, no pretence… just a calm confidence.

A city where you feel safe, relaxed, kind of at home even though it is your first visit. Travelling is easy, make your choice between metro and buses (tip: depending on how long you spend there… as I only spent 36h in Copenhagen, their City Pass - unlimited travel on buses, trains and the metro, as well as coming from and going to the airport - was a bit of a struggle; there is a 24h pass for 80 DKK and a 72h pass for 200 DKK so I decided to go for the 24h twice… if you make the maths you end up saving a little)… However you’ll be surprised how walking is probably the most sensible option. Nothing is really that far, but wrap-up, it’s January and freezing, a dry cold not one than chills your bones but it can bite if you are not prepared (left my gloves at home and totally regretted it… oops).

Strøget is a car free shopping area in Copenhagen, where international brands sit next door to local ones. In a city known not to be cheap you can find bargains during the sales season. Give smørrebrød a try if you feel like trying a variety of open sandwiches or have a walk through the University area and stop by Dalle Valle if you would rather eat where locals do. The budget buffet has a variety of foods and only for 79DKK (approx £8/person at lunch time). As soon as you leave the restaurant walk for a few minutes and have your coffee at Bastard Cafe. It’s indeed an experience. People spend hours here playing games and socialising. It doesn’t matter whether you know the rules of a billion games or not. Game gurus are there to help and it’s a great way to make friends and mingle with locals.

At the end of my trip there was icing on the cake. As I left Bastard Cafe I was kissed by snowflakes. Oh my, how beautiful when the snow sparkles in the street lights & there are bicycles, bicycles everywhere.

Copenhagen is a city I will definitely return to!

PS: suggestions of places to visit:

  • Nyhavn

  • Christiania

  • Bastard Cafe

  • the University area

  • Torvehallerne - indoor markets

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Share your experience in the comments below xx

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