We all know Milan is one of the global capitals of fashion and design, as well as it being a hub for high-end dining and shopping. Via Sant’Andrea is a luxury shopping street in the city and along others is part of the quadrilatero della moda. It is indeed an experience walking down those streets and admiring fashionistas showcasing their latest additions to their wardrobes just in time for the festive season. December is a special month and as you can imagine Milan made no exception from being Christmassy. 36h spent in the city (and it being the first time !) felt like I barely managed a single breath.

Toni and I absolutely enjoyed our stay at the Square Milano Duomo Hotel and how could we not when our room was wonderful, practically all in white, mirrors everywhere, a king size bed and fabulous shower… the cherry on the cake was that we were a 4 min walk away from the Duomo di Milano and oh my, how we loved that! We decided to take the stairs up to the terraces and I can tell you that made me dizzy… it felt like I was going round in circles on a never ending spiral staicase! So if you’re up for a workout and fine with spinning around then yep, take the stairs. Otherwise make your life easier and take the lift. Whichever way you choose to go up it is definitely worth it. And I mean it! The view from the terraces, as well as the architectural details are breathtaking. Porta Nuova is the new skyscraper district in the city, it’s such a contrasting view in comparison with the old architecture. We had in mind to only spend about 20-30 mins up there and but we definitely spent about a couple hours taking pictures, staring at the colours, buildings, people… it was a mind blowing, intense and inspirational experience!

Being the first time I visited Milan I was overcome with excitement and intrigue by the simplest things such as watching people walk into a cafe or patisserie, stand by the bar, order an espresso, have it in 30 seconds and walk out. The coffee and hot chocolate there are indeed yum! No offence, but when back in London and grabbed a coffee I can tell you I was surprised of how could I not tell before how not coffee our coffee is if that makes any sense. Sweets were everywhere, as well as pastries. With it being just the right time of the year for markets… there was plenty of street food everywhere. I must admit we struggled to find a good place to eat near the Duomo… we either couldn’t figure out the side streets and got lost or the best restaurants were fully booked. On our first and last evening there we lucky to be able to book a table at GHEA, a vegetarian restaurant near the P.ta Genova FS station. You can find places to eat on Via Valenza and Via Casale. There are indeed other places for a good meal or drinks in Milan and 36h are for sure not enough to get even a sniff of what Milan has to offer. Milan is a city I will definitely return to and would love to discover it not only as a tourist but get to know it as a local.

PS: I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year’s Eve. May 2016 be the year you take action towards making your dreams come true x