April 24, 2016


Curls make me think of summer… just imagine…. the beach, sand in your hair and salt in the air. The music, beautiful sunsets and colours, the calm and positive vibes. Being awaken by sun rays in the morning while listening to the waves somehow makes you feel alive, ready to experience new things and conquer the world.


You feel like you’ve got no time to waste indoors and of course not, but then how could you quickly get ready and look effortlessly chic? That’s exactly why I asked myself whether an auto-rotating curling iron could do the trick… could I have voluminous curls in no time at all? Oh well, how could I not give it a try?


When it comes to curling my hair I must admit it takes me forever. My hair is pretty thick and wavy so just to speed up the process I sometimes end up curling only the ends. Now, when I came across an auto-rotating curling iron, I thought, yep… if this thing turns out to work then I will finally wear curls as often as I would love to. So here I was, in my PJs trying to figure out how I can get my curls done in no time at all :) I had fun taking some shots of my hair before and after and also shooting a video (my first ever, would love your feedback x) so that I can show you guys how this tool actually works…


Now, was I impressed? Yep! Once you work out how it works best for you then it’s just easy to use, not messy at all and saves you time. Ruby by Irresistible Me has various features, but I love how you can get your hair curled either to the left or right and how you could create different looks only by pressing a button and waiting for a few seconds… you could curl only the ends, on the entire length or half way and it’s all great x Also, a plus… the curls are voluminous and I love that, I always loved big, bouncy curls.








Have you guys ever tried an auto-rotating curler? Leave me a comment below and tell me how you find it… if you haven’t tried any then would you give it a try? :) love ya xxx


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November 18, 2018

November 11, 2018

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