Hopping on and off the planes has somehow become part of me and maybe you have or haven’t experienced this feeling yourselves but once you get started, travelling becomes addictive. That’s how I feel you can best learn and grow as a person, how you go back to being human and understanding what happens on the planet we live, how you can dare to dream and let go of all fears, how you start to challenge what you’ve been thought growing up and how you become independent and start taking on opportunities.

So here I was one morning, ready for an adventure with Toni. Marrakesh was awaiting and we just couldn’t be happier to discover this mesmerising place. We’ve done our research as anyone would, however what I love most about travelling is the freedom of getting lost and finding your way back while discovering hidden gems, which only locals would know about. It’s of course great to visit the touristic places but don’t just follow other’s footsteps, allow yourself to create your own story :-)

If you get the chance to visit, I suggest that you find accommodation somewhere in the old city and there’s a reason I say this. You’ll feel that you went back in time. From the moment we stepped out of the cab at the entrance of a very narrow alley the adventure began. I must admit we were shocked, happy, perhaps best said overwhelmed. Children playing in the street, motorbikes passing by in a rush in both directions, extremely old buildings, food street on the side of the road, noises, laughter and chatter in a different language were a cultural shock.

It was unbelievable how a few steps away on the other side of a large door there was our hotel, a totally different feeling. We were now calm and caught our breath over a cup of tea, which by the way was a great thing to experience, from the way it tastes to the way it’s poured :-) We’ve suddenly forgotten about the chaos we’ve come across not long before and found ourselves savouring fresh clementines picked from the tree then and there by our host. The scent and taste were wonderful. We were now ready to embrace this intriguing place and make the most of our time there. It took us perhaps a couple of days to get used to how things work and by the end of our trip we realised we were just fine with whatever was happening around us even though initially we were concerned at times. To make the most of your trip it’s worth being there for longer than a weekend. We took a cab from and to the airport and only walked while there. It’s the best way to explore.

Marrakesh is a wonderful place, where the stories of many generations are still being told. Have a walk through the maze of markets in the Medina. The further in you venture, the more interesting it becomes. Remember to haggle. You can end up paying as low as half the initial price. It also depends on what you go for. Gardens are interesting to see, a well as palaces. What intrigued us was stepping out of the old city, outside the walls and venturing into the new city. Shops you find on any high street in the world were there, a shopping centre, supermarkets, coffee shops and anything else you would expect to come across in a modern city. It was like a wake up call to the cruel reality; the difference between poor and rich is extreme and it was sad to see that some of the locals in the new city had no clue about the way to the old city.

They are two different worlds separated by a wall. It was a breathtaking experience, which made me stop for a second and be grateful for the opportunities I come across everyday. It felt as if we were time travelling when stepping in and out of the old city. It was heartbreaking and at the same time I felt hope when seeing young teenagers dressed up in the evenings while leaving behind their home in the old city and stepping out into the new world which was only a few minutes and streets away.

If you’re looking for an adventure then make sure you visit Marrakesh. It’s such a vivid place, a contrast of two worlds, on short a city worth exploring. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and colours. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts :-) x