September 20, 2016


Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by what's on offer when it comes to fashion. You can absolutely add a touch of what's on trend by accessorising your outfits differently, layering or just by adding a statement bag or shoes to the outfit you're putting together, however to me style is more important than a trend. When making an investment I always appreciate the details in a piece of clothing, the quality of fabric it's made out of and craft.

I also like to associate the colours and outfits I wear with different feelings. I for instance wear monochrome when I need to stay focused, red when I'm excited and on the move, blue when I'm happy and content on the inside and white when I feel dreamy. When I'm feeling daring and confident I tend to go for bold colour combos. I guess I'm not the only thinking like this but I thought I'll put it out there, as a reminder that there's more to fashion than just must haves.

Now this is bringing me down to a wonderful collaboration with Metisu, which I am super, super excited about and I couldn't wait to be able to share these wonderful dresses with you all. These wonderful creations are eye catching and whether you're going to wear them on a special occasion or just on any day I can tell you you will feel beautiful and will be admiring your dress all day long. I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully crafted the dresses are.

Autumn is here, or at least in the UK and Europe and oh my, how much I love the look of it, the smell of fresh air and touch of a still relatively warm wind. I enjoy change and take the opportunity to dream bigger, plan my next steps and take action.


Enjoy these dreamy images & join in x @metisu.fashion #metisu


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November 18, 2018

November 11, 2018

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