3 Easy Steps: Create Your Unique #DreamMagnum


As any pleasure seeker, I found the #DreamMagnum campaign irresistible. It was so much fun customising my Magnum ice cream and believe me it was even better indulging into this unique creation, my Christmassy #DreamMagnum.

I decided to go for a classic Magnum and make it into a nutty, chocolaty taste sensation, drizzled with raspberry coulis. If you want to create a Christmassy sensation, then have a look at the steps below and the video (& feel free to change, add and be as creative as you like with your own unique Magnum!)

  1. I picked the Classic Magnum and drizzled rich melted white chocolate over it to create a luxurious bed for my toppings.

  2. Chose my toppings to be finely crushed walnuts and coarsely crushed Brazil nuts, coconut flakes, white chocolate stars and gold curls & sprinkled all over

  3. What better way to finish off other than with a drizzle of raspberry coulis

  4. Took a photo, or two (or more!) as that’s what happens when you’re proud of your luxurious unique #DreamMagnum :-)

Now it’s your time to join in and create your own Magnum. Make sure to take a photo, and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #DreamMagnum, for your chance to appear in Magnum’s collection of indulgent ice cream creations!

Classic Magnum
Chocolate & Coconut Flakes
White Chocolate Stars
LORENNE BLAU x #DreamMagnum