Hey! It's been a while since I last published a blog post; apologies for the radio silence, but at the time I took the decision to stop blogging, it was the best thing for me as I decided to focus my energy on other aspects of my life.

Even though I'm active on Instagram, as this is the platform that I enjoy using to share snippets of my life, collaborations and inspirational captions and thoughts with you all, I did think of starting blogging again on various occasions. Up until now I couldn't decide on how to share what I wanted to.

So many changes took place in my life since my father passed away nearly two years ago. Since then, I started focusing on living in the moment more, being aware of my thoughts and how these are shaping my reality and nurturing my soul and I feel that I somehow lost sight of other aspects of my life, such as my body, the way I dress and come across in my daily life. I feel that I've changed for the better in so many ways and yet I know I still have a way to go until I can put my hand on my heart and say that this is who I truly am, and I'm the best version of myself to date. I think that all things can be good, as long as there is a balance and that when we understand what works for us, we should keep on going as that's only the beginning to a wonderful journey. I strongly believe that the mind, body and soul go hand in hand and that without fully engaging with each one of them, we miss on feeling fulfilled in all aspects of our lives.

I watched a movie recently, which reignited my passion for writing and inspired me to start blogging again about aspects of life that I became very passionate about (the movie is called Julie & Julia, I recommend watching it if you haven't already x). So here I am today, similarly to the character in the movie, making a vow to myself and you guys, that for the next 7 weeks I will engage with activities that will help me build on my self-remembering journey and will allow me to take care of my soul, mind and body, which will inevitably have a positive impact on my personal life, relationships, work, and the clarity I need to fulfill my dreams.

You may be wondering what I mean by self-remembering and why I chose 7 weeks. Many people focus on self-development and self-discovery; I am too, however I don't think it's a matter of discovering who we are, but more of remembering who we are and the power we've possessed all along and that once we realise that we can literally create our life experiences, then we can truly tap into the power within us and create a life we truly enjoy living. I will share with you how I go about doing this and it's of course a work in progress, but a work worth doing as it will enable you to reach your full potential and start working on fulfilling your dreams, rather than just dream of a life you may otherwise never experience. I hope some of you will feel inspired to join me on this journey and start working on yourselves, as if we don't care enough to be the best version we can be, why should anyone else on this planet go above and beyond to make us feel good about ourselves, happy and truly fulfilled?

I chose 7 weeks because I literally have 7 weeks left until I go away to Europe to spend a few days with my family and then I will be in India for the remaining of December. 7 weeks for all of the above to become a habit and part of my daily life, no matter where I am and what I'm doing. It just happened to be this way (even though I believe that things are always happening for a reason and an outcome we may not yet be aware of!) but I think that 7 is actually the perfect number as I've decided I'll link each week to one of the seven chakras. I will start next week with the root chakra, located at the base of your spine, near your tailbone; this is related to things like money, safety and shelter and is represented by the colour red.

My journey starts on Monday,15th Oct and I will be publishing a post every Sunday for the next 7 weeks, where I will share with you my experience and progress, thoughts on the journey, as well as a structure and the tools I'm using to create a better me. It's a terrifying thought and yet I am extremely excited to get started. It's been a long time since I decided to do something without thinking twice about it. I know that blogging about it will help me stay on track and being accountable for my actions feels good. As I hit 'publish', I know there's no going back and I'm actually curious and finally ready to allow all the good stuff piled up for years to enter my life.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! xx

ps: Please note that these are purely my opinions and my experience and I don't intend to persuade people to take up any practices they don't believe in or are not comfortable with. We are all unique and not everything that will work for me, will work for you too. What I'll do is share my journey to embody a higher version of me and if you feel that some of the things I'm sharing would help you on your journey, then feel free to adapt or use these in the same way I do.

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