Week 5: Speak The Truth

This week I focused on balancing my throat chakra, which is located in the region of the neck and shoulders and its color is blue. When balanced, this chakra enables us to express our authentic voice, speak our truth and to accept our originality. If you doubt yourself, your decisions and what you stand for and have negative thoughts, then you may need to do some work on unblocking your throat chakra. Below are the affirmations I used this week:

  • I speak up for myself.

  • I express myself with calm, clarity and confidence.

  • When I speak, I do not back away from what is true.

  • I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.

  • I am a compassionate listener.

  • I express my gratitude towards life.

There's one experience that stood out for me this week. I was at Somerset House in London for a press day and once done, I passed by the gorgeous ice rink. I stood there for a little while, watching people having a great time and taking in the Christmassy feeling. As I was about to leave, I found myself debating whether I should get myself a ticket to ice skate or if I should leave and just come by another time, perhaps with friends or my partner. As soon as I caught myself doubt my feelings and what my heart truly wanted, I was happy to have realised that all I was doing is wonder whether going ice skating alone is as bad as it sounds. I can tell you it's not! In fact, it's totally worth it.

As you can see in the photos below, I went with my heart and I'm so happy I did. I realised then that way too often we put our desires on hold just because we're scared of doing things differently or wonder what others might think. And there's also the thought of doing stuff alone. I think it's great and just because you go for a coffee on your own or follow your heart and have a great time ice skating, it doesn't mean you're lonely; exactly the opposite, you're being true to yourself and enjoying every moment to the fullest, rather than doubting yourself and not following your heart.

This week I was a little less organised with food, but I still made healthy choices even when eating out. I also exercised outdoors on two days (went running and did exercises you can do outdoors/in a park - push-ups/star jumps/lunges etc.) and also did yoga at home 3 times this week.

As I'm now more than half way through the 7 weeks to a better me, actions and thoughts that seemed a little odd at first, are now becoming a part of my daily life. The more I practice gratitude, the more I live my life mindfully and look after my body, the more I learn about myself and grow stronger by the week, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next Sunday :-) Have a wonderful week!

ps: remember to stand up for what you believe in, practice assertiveness and never doubt yourself.