Week 6: What Is It That Keeps You From Living Your Best Life?

One more week to go and my "7 weeks to a better me" journey is coming to an end. Even though the project is ending, I feel that this was only the beginning.

I am happy that I've chosen to share my story on the blog and I hope that I've inspired some of you to look at your lives from a different angle and to start working towards a better version of yourself.

Balancing the third eye chakra was my focus for week 6 and I feel that I've learnt so much. Some of the affirmations I used are as follows:

  • I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences.

  • I nurture my spirit.

  • I trust my intuition.

  • I forgive the past and learn what was there for me to learn.

  • I forgive myself.

  • I love and accept myself.

  • I am open to inspiration and bliss.

I've also started understanding why I do certain things or behave in certain ways. Some of the things we do or think are at times on auto-pilot. And because we've practiced thinking in a certain way for such a long time, we don't realise that we are actively sabotaging our lives. I know it may sound strange and you probably think that you wouldn't go against your deepest desires or hopes and you're definitely not your own enemy. But what if I told you that some of the things you wholeheartedly believe in and are most likely able to prove are true, based on your beliefs, are actually keeping you from reaching a better version of yourself, finding the perfect partner, feeling confident, getting a pay rise and many other things you hope for?

Louise Hay's quote below summaries what limiting beliefs are all about:

"We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience."

Here is a great article by Dr. M. James on how to identify and release limiting beliefs. Facing and questioning your beliefs about life can be a scary experience at first. But if you approach this exercise with curiosity, understanding and patience, you will soon realise that it's one of the best things you've done for yourself. Avoid being judgmental, we all have such limiting beliefs and nobody's to blame. Just accept that they played their role in your life and you are now ready to move on. Take it slowly and find time each week to explore different areas of your life. Believe me, you'll start seeing the world through new eyes.

That's all for week 6 and I can't wait to see you on here next Sunday for the update on the last week of this project :-)

ps: “Peace, happiness, and love are a daily practice. Give time and energy to that which you want more of in your life. Invest in yourself for a higher quality of life. You're worth it.” - A. Brost